BRUCE LEE - The Three Stages of Cultivation Pin Set


Bruce Lee Family Company™ officially licensed product

Pin set includes 3 pins:

  • Gold plated brass pin with hard enamel
  • Includes black rubber pin clutch
  • Pin sizes: 1” x 1” x 2mm

The Three Stages of Cultivation pin set is inspired by a letter from Bruce Lee’s archive. In the letter, he sends notes and specs to his friend George for the fabrication of 3 plaques he wanted to have made for his gym. The plaques outline his philosophy of The Three Stages of Cultivation: Partiality is the compartmentalized man. Bruce’s symbol for this stage was the two halves of the yin yang, separate, not touching, and without the circle in each half. Fluidity is when you can take what happens as it comes. Bruce Lee called this two halves of one whole and his symbol was the complete yin yang with two arrows going around the yin yang. This symbolized that these two halves are always relating, we’re always in a place of totality. The third stage of cultivation is Emptiness which Bruce Lee called the formless form. This is when you exist in a stage of natural response and you let go of all technique.