Not So Perfect Apple Pin

Not So Perfect Apple Pin


  • $12.00

Not So Perfect Apple Pin

This pin itself is black nickel (unlike any we have previously released), and the red enamel is dark like blood. Inspired by our, pin Prez and one of the three co-founders of PINTRILL was inspired by his past to make this pin part of the future. When his grandfather came to America, he always said how he heard the streets were paved with gold – but, when he did come to the U.S., not only were the streets not paved, but he had to pave them with his blood and hard work. We may not be the ones that pave the streets, but we do pave a path for the future and constantly reinvent and rethink. We pave these streets with our hard work and determination – sometimes it takes blood, sweat, and tears. New York is not perfect, but it is ours. Be a part of something bigger, be a part of this city.

1 inch Hard Enamel Pin

1.5 mm thick.

Currently only 50 available.


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