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Duane King - Message From Earth Pin

Duane King

  • $15.00

1" x 0.5" x 2mm

Antique gold plated brass pin

Black rubber pin clutch

Second edition, 300 pieces made. 

On March 3, 1972, NASA launched Pioneer 10 to explore our solar system and beyond. Attached to its antenna support was a plaque, which is possibly the most ambitious piece of visual communication ever conceived.
The Pioneer Plaque shows when Pioneer 10 was launched, from where, and by what kind of beings, to extraterrestrials who might encounter it. 
PINTRILL and Duane King are excited to bring back the original "Message from Earth" by producing a limited edition pin of the Pioneer Plaque. 
On July 3rd, 2018, we sent a limited edition Pioneer Plaque pin into the stratosphere on a weather balloon.  The weather balloon reached an altitude of 33.8 km (110,892 feet) before bursting and safely returning its payload back to Earth. Watch the full length video here.