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Empire State Pin


Empire State Pin


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The Empire State Building can represent something different for every person in New York. But it represents something for everyone. For some it may just be a building, a landmark, the place they've never been to in 25 years of living in New York, or a place that “only tourists go to.” For others it's deeper: a North Star to guide you through the darkest maybe drunkest of nights.

For Us it is everything. The Empire State Building, for almost 100 years has stood unchanged, and has always commanded the same respect. When called upon to be tallest building again it stood strong and still bowed out gracefully when it was overtaken. This building keeps us moving every day, because when we look up at it we know that anything is possible.”

1" x 1" x 2mm

Silver metal pin with hard enamel

Black rubber pin clutch


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