Robert Indiana

Eat / Die Pin Set


Black nickel plated brass


Comes with two hard enamel pins


Deluxe ball pin clutch


[…] But it’s personal because as a child during the Depression my mother, my father left my mother, and in order to support herself and myself she opened a restaurant and so for several years things like eat signs also were a prominent part of my life so that the EAT aspect of EAT and DIE is strictly a personal thing. It’s autobiographical, this is my whole childhood.

The DIE, and it’s meant as the other side of the coin. Everybody eats, and everybody enjoys life, and everybody consumes, and very few people ever think about what all this is really leading to. And after all that is where we are all going, and I find it provocative perhaps to think about it once in a while, and that’s why the DIE is on the other side.


- Robert Indiana


© Morgan Art Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

1.25" x 1.25"