Founded in the Spring of 2014, PINTRILL is a pin accessory and lifestyle brand based out of Brooklyn, New York. PINTRILL creates pin designs that are inspired by popular culture icons and sayings -- anything ranging from emoji designs, popular sayings, fun memes, and more.

We create pins through a considered design process, immortalizing pop culture moments with razor-sharp wit. The result: wearable iconography that captures the zeitgeist of our time with a sense of humor and self-awareness.

At PINTRILL, we work with a wide range of designers, artists, and brands who share our overarching goal of capturing the language, symbols, and spirit of the current cultural landscape. There’s a pin (at least one) for everyone and there’s never been a better time to wear your emotions, favorite emoji, or pop culture preferences on your sleeve.


Store Hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 12–8PM
  • Wednesday 12–8PM
  • Thursday 12–8PM
  • Friday 11AM–9PM
  • Saturday 11AM–9PM
  • Sunday 11AM–7PM


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